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Hyperbolic Positioning with Antenna Arrays and Multi-Channel Pseudolite for Indoor Localization


A hyperbolic positioning method with antenna arrays consisting of proximately-located antennas and a multi-channel pseudolite is proposed in order to overcome the problems of indoor positioning with conventional pseudolites (ground-based GPS transmitters). Continue reading

An Investigation into Dual-Axis Solar Tracking


This senior project aims to determine a) if using a controlled photon-tracking system does produce greater voltage output than a fixed panel and b) by how much, if so. To do this, I built a dual-axis solar tracker using a small solar panel, some stepper motors, Continue reading

“Auto-Tuned” Stereo


The purpose of this project was to determine the capability of introducing delay and gain to audio signals to synthesize a “tuned” experience. The project uses audio operational amplifiers, field effect transistors, a class D amplifier, microphones, speakers, Continue reading

Music Synthesizer Senior Project: Individual Report


The Danalog is a 25 key portable digital music synthesizer that uses multiple synthesis methods and effects to generate sounds. Sound varieties included three synthesis methods including FM, subtractive, and sample-based, with up to eight Continue reading

The Quickie Composer Android Application


The Quickie Composer application is a program intended for use on Android Devices. Designed for the composer on the go, the Quickie Composer app is perfect for those “in the moment” compositions. In the following document, the functionality Continue reading

Designing a Visual Front End in Audio-visual Automatic Speech Recognition System


Audio-visual automatic speech recognition (AVASR) is a speech recognition technique integrating audio and video signals as input. Traditional audio-only speech recognition system only uses acoustic information from an audio source. However the Continue reading

Techniques, Taxonomy, and Challenges of Privacy Protection in the Smart Grid


As the ease with which any data are collected and transmitted increases, more privacy concerns arise leading to an increasing need to protect and preserve it. Much of the recent high-profile coverage of data mishandling and public mis-leadings about various Continue reading

Analysis of Fix‐point Aspects for Wireless Infrastructure Systems


A large amount of today’s telecommunication consists of mobile and short distance wireless applications, where the effect of the channel is unknown and changing over time, and thus needs to be described statistically. Therefore the received signal Continue reading

Image and Video Processing


This course consists of 27 lectures which introduce the basics of image and video processing including a working introduction to elements of image coding. The following will be covered. Work in Digital Image Processing (DIP) began as early Continue reading