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An Investigation into Dual-Axis Solar Tracking


This senior project aims to determine a) if using a controlled photon-tracking system does produce greater voltage output than a fixed panel and b) by how much, if so. To do this, I built a dual-axis solar tracker using a small solar panel, some stepper motors, Continue reading

Microcontroller Design of a Bidirectional Three-Level Pulse Width Modulation AC/DC Converter for Vehicle-to-Grid Application


Bidirectional chargers provide plug-in electric vehicles (EV) the ability to not only transfer energy from the grid to the vehicle, but also transfer energy from the vehicle to the grid (V2G). The V2G mode allows power utility companies to offset peak power Continue reading

Control Experiment: Model Helicopter


The AERO 320 course is an introduction to linear time-invariant (LTI) control theory and currently it is limited to just that, theory. Introductory control theory classes are often dreaded by students because the material can be abstract and difficult to understand. Continue reading