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Impact of Data Processing and Antenna Frequency on Spatial Structure Modelling of GPR Data


Over the last few years high-resolution geophysical techniques, in particular ground-penetrating radar (GPR), have been used in agricultural applications for assessing soil water content variation in a non-invasive way. However, the wide use of GPR is Continue reading

Electromagnetic Vortex-based Radar Imaging using a Single Receiving Antenna: Theory and Experimental Results


Radar imaging based on electromagnetic vortex can achieve azimuth resolution without relative motion. The present paper investigates this imaging technique with the use of a single receiving antenna through theoretical analysis and experimental results. Continue reading

Smart Pipe System for a Shipyard 4.0


As a result of the progressive implantation of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, many industries are experimenting a revolution that shipyards cannot ignore. Therefore, the application of the principles of Industry 4.0 to shipyards are leading to the creation of Shipyards 4.0. Continue reading

Image and Video Processing


This course consists of 27 lectures which introduce the basics of image and video processing including a working introduction to elements of image coding. The following will be covered. Work in Digital Image Processing (DIP) began as early Continue reading

Design and Implementation of Real-Time Software Radio for Anti-Interference GPS/WAAS Sensors


Adaptive antenna array processing is widely known to provide significant anti-interference capabilities within a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver. A main challenge in the quest for such receiver architecture has always Continue reading

A Model for Anomalies Detection in Internet of Things (IoT) using Inverse Weight Clustering and Decision Tree


Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fast growing technologies today. It is a technology by which billions of smart objects or devices known as “Things” can use several types of sensors to collect various types of data about themselves and/or the Continue reading

Compressive Quantization for Scalable Cloud Radio Access Networks

With the proliferation of new mobile devices and applications, the demand for ubiquitous wireless services has increased dramatically in recent years. The explosive growth in the Continue reading