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An Ionic-Polymer-Metallic Composite Actuator for Reconfigurable Antennas in Mobile Devices


In this paper, a new application of an electro-active-polymer for a radio frequency (RF) switch is presented. We used an ionic polymer metallic composite (IPMC) switch to change the operating frequency of an inverted-F antenna. This switch is light in Continue reading

Face and Lip Tracking in Unconstrained Imagery for Improved Automatic Speech Recognition


When combined with acoustical speech information, visual speech information (lip movement) significantly improves Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in acoustically noisy environments. Previous research has demonstrated that visual modality is a Continue reading

The Scalable and Accountable Binary Code Search and Its Applications


The past decade has been witnessing an explosion of various applications and devices. This big-data era challenges the existing security technologies: new analysis techniques should be scalable to handle “big data” scale code base; They should be Continue reading

A Hierarchical Architectural Framework for Securing Unmanned Aerial Systems


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are becoming more widely used in the new era of evolving technology; increasing performance while decreasing size, weight, and cost. A UAS equipped with a Flight Control System (FCS) that can be used to fly Continue reading

Network Coding Schemes for Device-to-Device Communications Based Relaying for Cellular Coverage Extension

Although network assisted device-to-device (D2D) communications is known to improve the spectral and energy efficiency of proximal communications, its performance is less understood when employed to Continue reading

Compressive Quantization for Scalable Cloud Radio Access Networks

With the proliferation of new mobile devices and applications, the demand for ubiquitous wireless services has increased dramatically in recent years. The explosive growth in the Continue reading

Architectural-Physical Co-Design of 3D CPUs with Micro-Fluidic Cooling

The performance, energy efficiency and cost improvements due to traditional technology scaling have begun to slow down and present diminishing returns. Underlying reasons for Continue reading

Energy Cooperation in Energy Harvesting Communication Systems

In energy harvesting communications, users transmit messages using energy harvested from nature. In such systems, transmission policies of the users need to be carefully designed according to Continue reading

Robotic Automated External Defibrillator Ambulance for Emergency Medical Service in Smart Cities

Smart cities essentially require the state-of-the-art technologies that can provide smart service in various aspects, and robotic systems are one of the key solutions for Continue reading