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Structure and Control of an Inverter Type Power Source for Robot Arc Welding

An inverter type power source system for robot arc welding is considered. The power source includes several isolated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter power units. The output current of every individual power unit is regulated by an identical single chip microcomputer to enable the whole power source system to work over a wide range of continuous output current with good dynamic properties. This inverter type power source satisfies robotic welding requirements.

In a flexible, automatic welding facility, arc welding robot inverter power source must meet many special requirements: (1) The power source must have satisfactory control properties, a wide range of continuous output current regulation and be able to control the welding quality of the arc welding robot during fluctuating realtime welding conditions.
Source: IEEE
Authors: Du Dong | HanZandong | Xiao Rng C | Zhang Qian | Zhang Renhao

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