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Grid Issues for Electricity Production Based on Renewable Energy Sources in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and United Kingdom

Spain has a total installed capacity in electric power production of 82,336 MWFTPF1 FPT by the end of 2006. A Breakdown of total installed capacity by technology by the end of 2006 can be seen. Spain has very little interconnection capacity with its neighboring countries, France, Portugal, Morocco, and Andorra of about 3%TPF
2 FPT of the installed capacity.

The total installed capacity in renewable electricity production excluding large hydropower stations (installed capacity larger than 10 MW) was 13,959 MW by the end of year 2006. Figure 1-2 shows the share of the different renewables technologies to the total installed capacity in renewable electricity production. Wind power is the renewable source that has experienced the largest development in Spain.

During the last seven years the installed wind power capacity has grown from 1,585 MW year 1999 to 11,615 MW by the end of year 2006TPF 3 FPT. Wind power production during year 2006 was 23,372 GWh, i.e., approximately 8.5% of the total electricity demand in Spain.
Source: KTH
Authors: Ackermann, Thomas | Centeno-Lopez, Eva | Söder, Lennart

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