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Traction Power System Capacity Limitations at Various Traffic Levels

The aim, and main contribution, of this paper is to propose a fine-tuned fast approximator, based on neural networks, that uses aggregated traction system information as inputs and outputs. This approximator can be used as an investment planning constraint in the optimization. It considers that there is a limit on the intensity of the train traffic, depending on the strength of the power system.

In the numerical examples of this paper, the approximator inputs are the power system configuration, the distance between a connection from contact line to the public grid to another connection, and the average number of trains for that distance. The output is the maximal attainable average velocity of trains of a specific kind for the by the inputs described railway power system section. An alternative output – the traveling time is also presented.

The main emphasis of this paper is on the example section, since the contribution of this paper is mainly to show on the improved simplicity and reality compliance. The applicative contribution is twofold, an improved TPSA as a planning/decision making program constraint, whereas it also can be used as a scientifically developed rule of thumb for a planner active in the field. The aim is not primarily to show that the idea works, or to motivate the principal idea, since that is done earlier.

The approximator facilitates studies of many railway power system loading scenarios, combined with different power system configurations, for investment planning analysis. The approximator is based on neural networks. An additional value of the approximator is that it provides an understanding of the relations between power system configuration and train traffic performance.
Source: KTH
Author: Abrahamsson, Lars | Söder, Lennart

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